This program is for you

If you want to reverse prediabetes, manage PCOS symptoms or better manage type 2 diabetes

Right Now You...

How Amazing Would It Be To...

Boost energy, lower your blood sugars and say goodbye to cravings!

How would it feel to wake up energized and not feel exhausted midday?

What about not having sugar cravings in the afternoon?

Feeling more at ease and less stressed.

And finally understanding how to lower insulin resistance without eating less and exercising more?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then The Master Blood Sugar Balance Program is for you!

This 12 week program focuses on 6 key pillars that helps you balance your blood sugars so you can live your best life. Are you ready to create a lifestyle that sets the foundation for good health.

What You Get in The Master Blood Sugar Balance Program

High Touch Coaching

This is not a course you do on your own! This program is like having a dietitian in your back pocket! Our lead dietitian will be there every step of the way coaching you, providing support, feedback and accountability so you can reach your goals faster. You will have access for dietitian support Mon-Fri to answer questions and provide progress checkin-ins to help you reach your health goals.

Meal Plans

Access to meal plans (gluten, dairy free and vegetarian are available) to use as a guide and for meal inspiration. The meal plans are geared toward lowering insulin resistance and improving metabolic health (blood sugars and cholesterol).

Dietitian Feedback Calls

In these weekly feedback calls with the lead dietitian you will get support and have the opportunity to dive deeper with your questions and where you will get support, have your nutrient intake assessed, meal logs reviewed and get your questions answered as you go through the video modules.

Private Facebook Community

Access to a private Facebook group. Connect with others to share ideas and learn from them. You will get daily dietitian support and accountability.

Video Library

Access to a library of video teachings and handouts. The handouts can be printed and kept on your fridge for easy access. A roadmap is provided so you can navigate the video modules and handouts over the course of the program.

"I Don't Have to go on Medication"

Frequently Asked Questions