Success Stories

Anar’s webinars on health and nutrition have helped our members achieve new levels of well-being in life. Her topics have analyzed a wide range of contemporary health issues. Her focused presentations, everyday examples and most importantly, her practical tips have made these sessions popular and beneficial.

– Tahera Kassamali, Outreach Coordinator

Since I started working with Anar Allidina I’ve lost 32 pounds and have never felt better. Anar has inspired me to think differently about nutrition, health and fitness. I can honestly say that I’m feeling more energetic, healthier, and more positive. In addition to the weight loss and learning how to eat balanced meals I am no longer in the-pre-diabetes range and my blood sugars are in the normal range. I hope to continue working with Anar until I reach my desired weight loss goal, which I am confident, I will be able to achieve with Anar’s motivation, support and guidance.

– RK

Anar was fantastic to work with. She met me where I was and, through encouragement and suggesting small tweaks to my existing patterns, made it feel nearly effortless- and even fun to lose 12 pounds.

– AG

Anar has been a great coach-made me aware of bad eating habits; especially my portioning-what I had thought was ‘normal’ was actually enough for 2 or 3 people! She also helped me focus on exercise & water intake.

– Terri Schenk

Anar helped me tremendously with my eating style and was able to identify areas where it was lacking in nutrients. I learned so much and lost 15 pounds in the process. Her recommendations where easy and practical – highly recommend.

– AK

Anar has helped me loose more than 20 lbs – she has provided so many useful tips and suggestions to get me to my goal weight. I never felt deprived and she very understanding and guided me along my weight loss journey.

– KB

Knowing which foods to eat to manage my blood sugars have always been difficult for me until I met Anar. Her knowledge and practical tips has helped me stay in control over my diabetes and I feel the best I have in years. Thank you for all your help.

– WC

I highly recommend Anar for nutrition, cooking tips, and coaching. Being a fairly recent widower and whose weight ballooned due to poor or no proper nutrition, she set me on a path to where I’ve lost weight, began an exercise program, eating better especially with portions. I am now on my way to a happier, healthier path of food choices.

– John Greenfield

Thank you Anar! I’ve really appreciated all of your support. I feel proud to have lost 20lbs and you were instrumental.

– EC

Anar has helped with my weight loss journey. She is very thorough and friendly, and makes many suggestions for alternative meals that fit easily with my lifestyle!

– JS

Knowledgeable and straight forward. She has given me many recipe suggestions and obtainable weekly goals that help motivate me towards my weight loss goals.

– KS

Anar showed me a new approach to how I should be eating. With her help, I’ve lost weight, have more energy and feel great about myself.

– LF

Working with her was easy and fun. She was opened my eyes too much healthier food out there for me that I did not know about. I have been able to loose my weight and keep it off!

– DM
When I started working with Anar I had no idea on how to balance my diet and I was a sugar addict. She guided me through the process of eating a healthy balanced diet, the importance of drinking water, and incorporated fitness as part of my lifestyle. Her meal plans, tips, suggestions and guidance were instrumental in helping me through my journey in attaining my goal. I’m proud to say three years later I’m eating clean and have no craving for sugars. I continue to follow the plan she created for me and wouldn’t change it for anything. Anar is a professional who cares sincerely about her clients’ health and well-being and is very passionate about promoting good health and wellness for everyone. She is also very knowledgeable in her area of practice. I highly recommend Anar!
– CB