Our workshops are a fun, engaging and great way to learn how you can optimize your health with food.


Not sure if you should invest in the Instant Pot? Or maybe you have one but you have no idea where to get started? Join our workshop where we teach you what you need to know to make healthy meals fast!

The instant pot is perfect for busy families, students or anyone who doesn’t like to spend hours in the kitchen. In this workshop you will learn:
• How you can make healthy meals fast
• How you can use the Instant Pot as a microwave
• All about Pot in Pot – how you can make multiple meals at once
• Nutrition benefits of using the Instant Pot

In this workshop you will learn how to make delicious baked goods that are actually good for you and full of flavour. We teach you tips and tricks on how to boost the nutrition in your baked goods.

In this workshop you will learn:
• The different types of flours available and how to use them – gluten free options, grain free and whole grain.
• A good understanding of the different sweetener options and learning the difference between natural and added sweeteners
• How to make swaps in baking
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